LAX bound A300 freighter crashes at Monterrey Airport Mex.

Mexican Airline - Aero Union A300B4 XA-TUE Photo crashed departing runway 29 at General Mariano Escobedo Intl Aiport (Monterrey) Mexico.

The two person crew, and three motorist’s hit by the aircraft all perished in the crash. Accident occurred 23:00 last night local time.

Flight TNO-302 (6R-302) had originated in Mexico City and was to Los Angeles via Monterrey.


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I looked at El Norte’s website ( and this piece of the aircraft landed on the main airport access road that terminates at the airport itself. So that plane had to have made a fairly abrupt left turn after the wheels no longer had contact with the ground.

If you look at a satellite view, you see the main road parallel the primary runway (don’t know the #'s). Before the interchange with the highway, there is a group of buildings on the south side of the road. These are the hotels that can be seen in the El Norte pictures. One of them is a Holiday Inn Express, if I remember correctly. The wreckage is east of these buildings. I don’t see a normal takeoff going left so quickly.

btw, reuters is now saying aborted landing. … arketsNews

Airbus Statement confirms aircraft was landing, and the loss of a crew of 5.

Possibly 1 or 2 fatalities in a vehicle hit by the aircraft.