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Latest on Boeing 767's??

There has been no news that I’ve seen in a while now on these aircrafts throughout the world. What’s the latest? Are they still flying?? Denver to Narita? LAX to Narita?? I actually booked a flight in Dec from LAX to Narita - however I did not choose the non stop because it was a 767. Going thru San Fran instead. Thought I’d wait a year and give it time.

What “news” are you looking for? The 767 is a 30 year old design.

Are you sure you don’t mean 787? Big difference between the 767 and 787.

I see 767’s daily and American has a barn full that flys daily. I’m not sure about international flights although I am almost certain they fly caribbean and s america. American flys 777’s on most all asia/europe flights.

Very sorry…I meant 787’s.
Thanx for the correction.
I guess no news means good news.
No issues, they are still flying (none grounded??).

Yes, all of United’s are currently flying and they’re working pretty well. There will of course be occasional delays but there’s nothing to suggest they’re not safe.

Actually there is some Boeing 767 news…

767-200ER and 767-400ER dropped from regular production,

but a new 767-2CFX with a 2m stretch over the standard 762 is introduced.

Basically this will be the commercial version of the tanker that will be built for the US Air Force.

bangaloreaviation.com/2013/0 … 400er.html