Lasers pointed at Airliners


Anyone have more on this, Its this a common occurrence?. I was scanning on a LaGuardia approach Air to air channel. Had a pilot report a ‘green laser’ pointed directly at his equipment. He reported his position at the northern tip on Staten Island. Then immediately following his transmission, other flights (Specifically United 686) confirmed visual of the laser in the immediate area. Knowing the approaches and area, This flight was headed in for LGA & at the time of crossing over S.I. was probably still maintaining atleast 2,000 ft. Any thoughts?


This is going to be a very serious problem for the person(s) “playing” with the lasers. Prosecutors have been known to charge under federal anti-terrorism laws.
USA today article … rcraft.htm


We had a rash of this near San Jose in December, also green. Apparently some manufacturer is making a green laser that is much more powerful that the typical laser pointer.

Search For Laser Pointed At Commercial Jets

Police Raid San Jose, CA Home In Search For Laser


Check this out, and then see the note at the bottom.

This handheld unit is $500 and can pop balloons, melt plastic, and ignite matches!


And the kids will be playing with them in school in a few years from now :exclamation: