Landing on the 680 freeway



FlightAware: N2147G tracklog

Likely flew the first leg IFR and the second leg (with the emergency) VFR


The correct tail number is N38478

The aircraft was flying from Reid Hillview and is owned by Nice air.


The N38478 tracklog is from last November.


The track log map image is correct. This is the exact spot the aircraft went down at. Even the last reported altitude is there (600ft descending). If you are unfamiliar with the Bay Area, the last place he is shown is between the 680 (it goes up and to the right a little bit), and the 880 freeway (the one he followed for most of his track).

The aircraft was doing a “Bay Tour”. This means that they would have had a squak code as they were transitioning San Jose Class C, San Fransisco Class B, and Oakland Class C. This is why Flight Aware is able to track him.

The flight information is for a previous IFR flight from RHV to Stockton on November 16th. This aircraft is definitely not on a flight to Stockton on the map. (Stockton is to the north east of RHV, they flew north west initially via San Jose, up the 101 Freeway, Golden Gate Bridge, Bay Bridge, Oakland, 880 Freeway, returning to RHV which they did not make).

Remember, on Flight Aware, you can have two or three flights on the map. But, it tracks each IFR flight to-from as a flight segment in the activity log (and last flight info).

The tail number I provided is the correct one. If you watch the raw video feed from CBS5, you can clearly make out the tail number and the location.

Happy Flying folks!


Cool, thanks for the clarification.