Lance Armstrong

After Lance’s unfortunate crash in Spain, I am assuming he’ll either fly private back to Austin or at least fly private from a major city back to Austin.

Anyone have any information?


Armstrong fractured his collarbone Monday after crashing in the first stage of the Vuelta of Castilla and Leon race in northern Spain. He stayed in Bruyneel’s house in Madrid on Monday night before flying out Tuesday to Austin, Texas, where Armstrong has lived for many years.

Armstrong’s spokesman, Mark Higgins, told on Monday that the surgery would “most likely” take place in Austin.

“Sitting in the airport getting ready to fly home. Layover in NYC then ATX!” Armstrong wrote on his Twitter feed.

The part about a NYC layover leads me to believe that he may be going
commercial. Just a hunch.

poor lance

You can catch Lance on Twitter he’s been skiing this weekend with his kids in Colorado.

People jumping in to FlightAware on Twitter. Keep up to date on the go:

So there are no posts yet. Is this actually operated by FA, or did someone unaffiliated just snag the name?

I haven’t yet seen a twitter stream that I wanted to keep following. IMHO it’s almost always like digital Valley Girl.