Lance Armstrong


Anyone know if Lance has a plane? I know he was in Iowa most of the week.


Haven’t seen that he owns a plane. I searched for his name, but he might have it under a freaky corporate name. Sometimes they hitch via sponsors and in his case, that could be under a multitude…I will see if any of my other pilot friends know …


How do you search for an Aircraft Owners name? Was not aware that this is available.


It’s public information.

You can search the aircraft registry here.

Or you can download the entire 25MB Zipped file from here.


I don’t know about Lance, but Cheryl Crow was using a fractional a while back. She paid to have her home town airport put in a runway that would handle it. It’s a really nice runway for such a small airport, and the best part was that the fuel was downright cheap which I can only assume is because the rent didn’t go up to pay for the concrete.

Perhaps they were sharing the fractional?


Lance usually takes a fractionally-owned Challenger 300, but also uses a Gulfstream.