I would love to be there and watch all these giants take off every half minute. Are there any consideration for the wake turbulence?

Depends on a number of factors.

Separation standards apply, where the issuance of a takeoff clearance can not be given until a time interval has passed after the preceding aircraft has begun its takeoff roll. Times are (per the 7110.65W, 3-9-4):

Heavy, large, or small aircraft behind a heavy: 2 minutes.
Heavy, large, or small aircraft behind a super: 3 minutes.
Small aircraft behind a B757: 2 minutes when departing the same runway.

There is also the separation for on arrival as well, where if the preceding aircraft is a heavy jet:

Heavies must be 4 miles in trail.
Small or large must be 5 miles in trail.

If the preceding aircraft is a Super:

Heavies must be 6 miles in trail.
Large must be 7 miles in in trail.
Small must be 8 miles in trail.

This is per the 7110.65, sec. 5-5-4.

None of this is even considering if metering is in effect at the flight’s destination. So there is a lot to consider with wake turbulence and separation.