KEGE in a 182


Anyone here done an IFR trip to/from EGE in a normally aspirated C182?

The LDA/DME 25 EGE begins around 10-13k, which is doable. However, the GYPSUM 3 (OBSTACLE) DP requires (depending on runway) either 480’ per NM to 11,800ft or 750’ per NM to 10,500’.

I don’t know that those requirements are within the performance limits of a loaded non-turbo 182. I checked the EGE airport activity and don’t see any piston operations. Is it doable? Do the pistons depart VFR?

Any locals or regulars have the scoop? Thanks.


That’s a good question…

What’s your Takeoff Weight projected to be?

Also, you can compare the POH/PIM with the required climb gradient and do the conversion from FPNM to FPM…


Probably at or near MGTOW. I’ve looked at the POH. A zero-wind MGTOW rate of climb at 30C starting at 10,000 (pressure altitude) offers above 450FPM at 75kts which is 360FP/NM and declining with altitude.

Perhaps coordinating a VFR departure with a spiral climb above the field followed by an IFR clearance would be the best option?


Yeah…from my experience picking up IFR clearances out of KPSP (Palm Springs) in the Archer or 172, and other airports with rather “steep” DP gradients, I would recommend departing VFR and then picking up your IFR clearance in the air. That way you will be able to get a “head start” on your altitude…You may also consider a “Radar Vectored Departure” as this will grant you obstacle clearance, as will as radar separation etc.

There are other options you can consider, but those are my suggestions…


Flying IFR at night out of SBA for a mountain crossing ~one mile north (9,000ft MEA, if I recall), Santa Barbara approach is happy to vector you south over the water and hand you off to Socal for a circle climb back to Santa Barbara before proceeding northbound. Granted, there’s less overall and adjacent terrain, but I’m sure some similar circle vectors could be arranged.