Did anyone catch the UAV trip out of Edward’s a few weeks ago? …and if you did, did you save it? I need a copy.



UAV flights are military, and as such, will not be trackable by FlightAware.


This one was, it was for the Forest Service and it mapped the Zaca fire in SBA and two more in NorCal. I saw it, but didn’t save it. (kicking self in pants).



What do you mean save “it”? You need a copy of “it”…what is “it”?
If you know the registration or flight number you can still look it up.


I tried that, but the current readout only goes back “so far”. Another one is coming up in the next week or two…I’ll probably catch that one.

Thanks for the assist!



There are a lot of UAVs flying out of Edwards… do you know the aircraft type code for the one you’d like to track?


Unfortunately, MY memory doesn’t go back that far…LOL. If I do remember, it was aircraft classed a a MV or MU or something like that, it started with an “M”. I’d never seen that before so I looked it up and it was a UAV



It is labled as an MQ9, NASA870. Found it…SAVED IT THIS TIME!!!

Thanks for the assist!

TLS :laughing: