KCLT Charlotte Fedex flights.

Can anyone provide a list of Fedex flights that depart Charlotte. I know of two, one going to MEM the other to IND. Does fedex have any 727 operations at CLT anymore, and if so where do they go?



Why not just take a look at the CLT page above? That will tell you what you would like to know. Don’t just look at it for a an hour or so - look at it over several day. Check the history for the departures, arrivals, scheduled departures, scheduled arrivals. In other words - you have the tool; now do the research.

Thanks for the reply.

I have done exactly that and that is how I know about the MEM and IND flight. I was more curious about whether Fedex operates 727s into CLT anymore, and if so where do they depart to from CLT.

The IND flight is an A310, the 2 MEM flights use the A300-600.

I was hoping someone intimately familiar with Fedex ops into CLT, or had a route schedule could clarify this.

I wasn’t sure if you had done that.

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Not since last Christmas.

I’m a day late and $1 short to posting this…I’d just like to add as the 757’s are brought in they will take the place of what ever route is taken by a 727. This obviously would include any adhoc that might be launched…especially around “Peak” (Christmas) :wink: