KBID not recognized


Block Island State airport - KBID shows up as not being recognized. The parameters are:
1 NM W of Block Island RI, USA
N 41 10.1’ W 71 34.7’ Magnetic Variation: 15.2W
Elevation: 108’
New York Sectional

Public, IFR, Landing Fee, Rotating Beacon, Customs Info Unavailable

Time Zone Info: Eastern Time GMT-5:00 uses DST


Did this airport have another code?


Not that I’m aware of. I tried typing in Block Island after clicking on the “Don’t know the code” link and it could not be found. I don’t know if you can get to this link unless you’re a member of AOPA.
aopa.org/members/airports/de … tifier=BID


It’s been BID for years Dan.

Knowing that area as well as I do, I’ve always appreciated the official description of the airport as being “1 mile W of BLOCK ISLAND, RI”, which of course puts it out in the ocean!


Well, if they would cut the grass and slap a new coat of paint on the buildings, we might recognize it again…

Geez, that’s all it takes!!

I have been trying to hold off on that one…it had to be done!


See also the topic “Block Island KBID”, posted in April.