Kallita Boeing 747-200F crashes on takeoff in Bogota


Kallita Boeing 747-200F chartered by Centurion Air Cargo of Miami

BOGOTA, COLOMBIA (CBS4) ― A Miami-bound cargo jet crashed early Monday shortly after takeoff from Bogota airport in Colombia, killing 2 people on the ground. Colombian TV network RCN is reporting 3 members of the US based crew of 8 died in the crash.

The plane was operated by Miami-based Centurion Air Cargo, which operates a large cargo operation at Miami International Airport.

Brian Andrews, a former CBS4 reporter now working for RCN, reports the plane left Bogota about 4 a.m., and apparently developed problems near the town of Mosquera, about an hour and a half from the Colombian capital.

Colombian website eltiempo.com is reporting the plane hit a farmhouse in the small town of Casablanca, spreading debris over a wide area an apparently killing a farmer and his son who were asleep when the plane crashed…

The plane is believed to have been carrying a crew of 8, including 7 Americans. The surviving crew members have been taken to the Santa Matilda de Madrid hospital in Madrid, the nearest large city.

Centrurion Air Cargo operates a 600 thousand square foot cargo center at Miami International Airport, and earlier this year announced expansion plans.


Not a good year so far for Kallita.


My guess is Kallita will be under the FAA microscope after this???

Flight crew survivors were reported as trapped in the wreckage,
I’m sure there will be losts of photos hitting the press shortly.


Wow, that is sad. You got to feel for Connie now, 1 crash, then his son is killed and now another crash with maybe 3 crewmembers dead.

RIP to the victims.





CNN News story and video.

CNN is reporting entire crew survived.
Columbian news reporting 4 crew unaccounted for???

Aircraft lost was N714CK a B747-209BF first flew on 7th April 1981 and was delivered to China Airlines as a passenger aircraft. It was converted to freighter for China Airlines (1999), and later delivered to Kalitta in November 2002.

Photo is N714CK in Bahrain on May 31/08.


Found this confirming that the entire crew has survived the accident, but it does not state the extent of their injuries.

The (Kalitta) spokesman, Pete Sinderland, said the plane’s eight crew members survived after it crashed into a house near the central town of Madrid…

news.yahoo.com/s/afp/20080707/ts … 0707142946



I photographed this airplane just a few days ago landing at MIA on June 21st:



It has been a bad year for Kalitta