Just Seen Two F-16's Haulin' @$$ To The North???

Have no idea what they were doing, but the were heading straight north at about 7,000 feet and fast!

Dami is on his way to Texas… :smiley:

That’s what it was… :laughing:

Gotta clear them thar skies of them thar bad boys before I come!

flightaware.com/photos/view/2417 … ate/page/7

All clear, per the “Lone Star Gunfighters” !!!

What’s the guy in the backseat for, they afraid to go up alone? :smiling_imp:

Real pilots fly solo!

I believe D models (2 seaters) are usually used for training. I know Viper guys call them “Stationwagons” because "the kids ride in back. :laughing:

That’s funny… :laughing:

The single seat looks better on the F-16, but the tandem seat looks better on the -18 and -15, I think…


Real pilots don’t fly recon!



(Statements such as that above were always good for getting fists flying when made within earshot of Habu or U-2 drivers!)

Will, that Wiki link states that the 147th hasn’t operated a fighter since 2007, so probably not from their wing.

JHEM you’ve got something wrong if you can’t give incredible respect for 71/U2 pilots…FL850+ right over the bad guys head. They know you’re there, but can’t do anything about it but blindfire missles, and they can’t say anything to the media because it’ll show their vulnerability to overflight. Kind of a nice little “got ya!” I know you were kidding so I’ll let it slide. 8)
Talk about airlift guys, however, and you’ve got yourself a contender. :smiling_imp:


I’ll just ignore this post. :wink:


I knew you’d get it!

Bus drivers? Nah, I never pick on the handicapped.

(Running and hiding… http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e211/Aralena/emoticons/th_icon_axe.gif)

Will, that Wiki link states that the 147th hasn’t operated a fighter since 2007, so probably not from their wing.

Yeah, I know… It says that but I think, just think, that they still fly outa EFD.

FA staff. Do you know anything about this? Y’all are kinda close to EFD???

There’s quite a bit of Gov activity around EFD from what I gather…NASA, USAF, etc…could easily be from a nearby (or not so nearby) unit. If wiki says it, it’s true. :unamused: :laughing:

Maybe a related story (?):

Authorities say 2 F-16s got too close to commercial jet over Ohio, triggering alarm

Just a coincidence, Vipers always run in pairs. Guess they are scared of being alone.

No… But thanks.