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Jumpseat Ride In Australia

Hi. I am only 14 and i am turning 15 in August, i am obsessed with planes and we are flying to Melbourne from Brisbane either on my birthday or the day after, is there a chance i could get a jumpseat ride and how do I ask the flight crew?

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Seriously, in this day and age I sincerely doubt you could do so even in as civilized a place as OZ.

It never hurts to ask, especially if you are on a non-USA airline.
Just ask the pilot if you see him on boarding or maybe the flight attendant could ask for you once enroute.

No mate, due to CASA laws nobody doesnt have a ASIC and permission from the airline has permission to enter the cockpit in route. After the 911 disaster Casa have ruled that even hostess have to call the captain through a onboard phone before entering the cockpit in flight. Your best chance is to ask the air hostess during flight to ask the captain if you can come see them once on the ground with both engines off. Even though the airlines dont like this most captains are really nice and will let you do it.

Have fun mate,

Sorry about the miss spelling but you can still get the point from it

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Well done mate lol. :laughing:

Thanks Mate, I’m here all week. Try the lamb and be sure to tip your server. :wink:

just asking what do you want and what do you need to Flight Attendant, :laughing: