121 cargo, allowed to jumpseat on airlines?


I fly for a FAA certified, part 121 cargo carrier.

I’ve passed TSA training and a background check.

I have an airline issued ID saying “Crew Member” with my name, employee ID number, and picture.

Does that qualify me to jumpseat on airlines?

The reason I ask is because i’m flying to California on AA in september and want to know if I should even bother asking the crew for a jumpseat.


Per the FAA, yes you can jumpseat on other carriers.

But you’d need a reciprocal agreement between your airline and AA to allow you to ride jumpseat.


Provided your carrier has a reciprocal agreement with AA, Im sure you could. We, as dispatchers, are being allowed back in the cockpit starting next month. At lest thats what we hearing. I do know our reciprocals include Cargo outfits…