Jet Airways B777 Pilot arrested for being Drunk at Heathrow


London, Dec 23 - A Jet Airways pilot was arrested by armed police after staff at London’s Heathrow airport warned he may have drunk too much too fly. Michael Harr, a 62 year-old ex-US Marine, was taken off the flight to Mumbai Sunday, and subsequently failed a breath test at 0930.

He was due to be first officer on the Boeing 777 flight and was in the cockpit, preparing for the departure.

An airport source; “Security were immediately suspicious about him and deemed that he wasn’t fit to fly. He was arrested and now faces losing his job, and was only a couple of years away from retirement”.

The pilot was said to have been ‘partying’ with ‘younger’ crew members Saturday night. "He was arrested on suspicion of being aviation staff perfroming an aviation function whilst exceeding the proscribed alcohol limit.

Harr has been bailed to reappear in court at a later date.

from The Sun Newspaper, London.

  1. How do you arrest a 777?

  2. How much does it take to get a 777 drunk?

  3. What does a 777 drink?

  1. With very big handcuffs
  2. 1,000 gallons of Rum or 2 gallons of genuine Tennessee moonshine
  3. See #2


Regarding #1, do you do the mains and the nose gear, just the mains or perhaps the engines?


Use Arresting Gear


Oh, now, that’s GOOD…