Japan Airlines Boeing 787 Flights Tokyo-San Diego Info


Here is the website link for information on the upcoming JAL flights from Tokyo-San Diego.


JL66 (codeshare AA5906) NRT-SAN
JL65 (------------ AA5907) SAN-NRT

Flight will operate Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. I’ve heard a rumor the flight will become daily somewhere in 2013.

The JAL B788 will be at KSAN from 0945-1130. Website does not say the time zone, but I’m guessing they have the arrival and departure times for KSAN in PDT. Please tell if you have additional info on this flight.



Most airline schedules for the general public are always in the local time zone. In this case, when the service starts up the time zone will be PST.


Thanks, just wanted to make sure!


No longer a rumor. Daily service starts March 1st.