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Is there a way to get an alert for a specific sighting?

For example, I guess we get Enterprise level features since we feed data to FA?

I also have the iOS app. What I’d love to be able to do was get an alert when a specific aircraft (type, example: military, or maybe more specific like F16 or U2, or Mercy Flight helicopter). Was either in my general area or picked up by my station.

Is such a thing available? Or possible?

Thanks very much in advance.

Yes, you get Enterprise User access to FA if you host a feeder.

As of the beginning of the year, about 20% of military craft were ADS-B equipped. No fighter or bomber aircraft or UAVs had ADS-B (Out) as of 1/1/20, but 1,129 helicopters, 923 mobility aircraft, 259 C2/ISR aircraft, and 625 trainers had it. However, FA doesn’t offer tracking capabilities according to this: https://flightaware.com/about/faq#military.

With that said, I’ve seen users report C17’s, C5 Galaxies, C130’s, and other training aircraft showing up in their tracking. The Air Force says about 60% of military craft will have ADS-B (out) by 2025, so I don’t know if that means we’ll start seeing a broader selection of aircraft. From what I’ve read, fighter craft will be among the last to get ADS-B given logistical and technical issues outfitting these types of planes with new equipment versus a massive tanker. I doubt however that FA will report these by aircraft type - probably will be reduced to position-only and you won’t know the exact type.

I’m not aware of any configurable alerts that go by aircraft type only from FA. Maybe someone has figured out a way to customize your feeder software for this, but I’m not aware of a particular solution right now.

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Using the link below, you can check the advanced options box and an aircraft type field will display. As long as you provide a valid aircraft type, you should be able to set origin/destination to an airport near you.

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Thx! I just set up a few. I wish there was a way to specify something like “within 200 miles of my station.”

I saw this years ago. They hacked together a display that would show overhead call signs. There might be some details in the video description to give you an idea to solve your problem. https://youtu.be/G6MwHB_jMCk