Is there a place to post a resume?

***I have a friend who recently lost her job with USA3000 and has been in the airline industry for many years as a director of inflight services.

I would love to help her with her job search, do we have such a place to post resume’s here? or does anybody know of a good site to place resume’s on?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Sincerely, Jeffrey Babey
Eagan, Minnesota***

I suggest using and/or for job searches. Both are Google-like search engines for jobs.

Also join for networking.

Careerbuilder and Monster both allow posting of resumes. However, be prepared for lots of insurance companies saying “hey, you have the perfect skills for selling insurance” and asking you to contact them for an “exciting” career.

Thanks for the info, I was hoping we had something here. It’s really sad when an airline goes belly up. She really loved her job there.

I just had my resume critiqued a few days ago by a professional. Some tips:

  • Put name center top

  • Do not put address - just the city on the line below the name

  • Place phone number and type of phone (e.g. cell) on same line

  • Again, on the same line place email address

  • Each resume should be personalized for the job so place job title centered below the above

  • Give a summary of experience

  • If the job responsibilities you’ve had are basically the same but for many companies then use a functional resume

  • If using a functional resume list employers and dates after the responsibilities; otherwise list companies and responsibilities (i.e. chronological resume)

This link will take you to a Google search of resume writing.

Thanks again for your advice

O.k…I’m working to get her resume up at other sites but just in case some Airline Exec. happens to view this post here’s is a quick look at my friends qualifications. PM me if your interested in her full resume. Serious inquiries only.

Professional Bio: Aviation for 22years. Pan American Airlines-Flight Attendant, Branif 3-Flight Attendant, North American Airlines-Flight Attendant, Purser, General Inflight Operations, Training Mananger for Flight Attendants, ground service jumpseat training, Pilots basic indoc, emergency training cabin, and security, Mesaba-Training Manager, IndiGo-Director of Inflight Services and Crew Development & Director of Corporate Learning and Development, Comair-Manager of Inflight Operations JFK, USA3OOO-Director of Inflight Services.

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee/BA Psychology, National Business College-Two year Travel, Marketing and Business diploma. 7 years total.

They worked for a lot of companies that are now shut down or bankrupt. That’s a red flag for me, especially non FA jobs.


Really? None of the positions appear to be corporate officer level where she would have her hands on the purse strings or the rudder of the corporate ship. She just appears to be a victim of the tidal wave of mergers, acquisitions and bankruptcies that have swept the industry.

Gotta go with James on this one. The last 3 companies I worked at were bought out and that made no bearing on my being hired for my current job, other than a few jokes about wondering if my current company would be bought out at some point.

***I have to agree with your comments. I hope she can find work in the airline industry someplace, she’s almost 50 and I know everything gets harder as you get older.

I’m a letter carrier for the United States Postal Service so I understand nothing is forever.

EDIT: Except our FOREVER stamp and thats about it. ***