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Is my FlightAware Pro Stick dead?

I’m trying to set up a Raspberry Pi Zero W and a FlightAware Pro Stick (orange) USB dongle for the first time. I purchased the Pro Stick a number of years ago, but never used it. I says, “R820T SDR + RF AMP v1.1” on it. I downloaded the SDcard software from FlightAware. The USB stick is connected to the Pi with an OTG micro USB male to USB female pigtale cable.

When I connect everything, I can look at the Pi’s web page. It says:

1090 radio: Red; Not connected to Mode-S receiver.
PiAware: green Piaware 3.7.2 running
FlightAware: green Connected to FlightAware and logged in
MLAT: red Multilateration is not enabled

The last lines in /var/log/piaware.log are:
Jan 2 15:16:45 piaware piaware[445]: 0 msgs recv’d from dump1090 (0 in last 5m); 0 msgs sent to FlightAware
Jan 2 15:17:41 piaware piaware[445]: no ADS-B data program seen listening on port 30005 for 311 seconds, next check in 60s

This is the output of piaware-status:

$ sudo piaware-status
PiAware master process (piaware) is running with pid 436.
PiAware ADS-B client (faup1090) is not running.
PiAware ADS-B UAT client (faup978) is not running (disabled by configuration settings)
PiAware mlat client (fa-mlat-client) is not running.
Local ADS-B receiver (dump1090) is not running.

no program appears to be listening for ES connections on port 30005.
faup1090 is NOT connected to the ADS-B receiver.
piaware is connected to FlightAware.

got 'couldn't open socket: connection refused'
dump1090 is NOT producing data on localhost:30005.

Your feeder ID is 85745c9f-cda6-4160-84aa-24b1a432d619 (from /var/cache/piaware/feeder_id)


I also get this:
lsusb Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub

I’ve tried to reboot and power up and down a number of times, without improvement.

Does this indicate that my Pro Stick is dead? Is there anything else I can try? Does FlightAware offer a guarantee?

Thanks for your help and advice.


Connect it via a powered hub.
Sticks not working are sometimes due to low voltage.

If they do, i wouldn’t expect multiple years.

Get the blue ProStick+, it has a filter which is very nice.

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Or plug it into another computer, just to see if it shows up there…

When I plug it into my desktop Linux system, I get this at the end of dmesg:
[517299.378782] usb 3-4: new high-speed USB device number 94 using xhci_hcd
[517299.538372] usb 3-4: New USB device found, idVendor=0bda, idProduct=2832
[517299.538374] usb 3-4: New USB device strings: Mfr=1, Product=2, SerialNumber=3
[517299.538375] usb 3-4: Product: RTL2832U
[517299.538376] usb 3-4: Manufacturer: Realtek
[517299.538377] usb 3-4: SerialNumber: 00001000

I don’t get anything referring to this in the dmesg output on the Pi.

Thanks for your thoughts.


Ok, so it probably is not completely dead. Maybe a power issue?

wiedehopt: Thanks. Now to find a powered hub in my collection of stuff. Yeah, the ‘guarantee’ stuff was tongue-in-cheek.

Thanks, again.



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Nope. FlightAware Pro Stick works just fine.

What I didn’t know until now was that the Pi Zero has two micro USB connectors that look identical. However, the one on the right just supplies power, and the one on the left is the only USB On-The-Go connector (OTG). Guess which one I had the Pro Stick connected to.

Thank you to all who offered help and suggestions. By the way, the Pro Stick seems to be working just fine with a direct connection, without a powered USB hub. However, I’ll keep an eye on this, and if it appears unstable, I’ll use the powered USB hub.

Thanks, again. Happy New Year!


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Interesting solution. I had a Raspberry Pi 3 using its middle USB slot for the dongle and it totally stopped being able to connect to the internet, yet it had been working for over a year. I took your advice for PiZero and moved my dongle to the USB slot on the right at the bottom and now it connects to the Internet perfectly and everything is back working.

I suggest others with internet connection stopped should try moving the dongle to a right side USB port.

Thanks kzembower for your solution.