ios app wrong arrival times?

is there a new known time zone problem with the commercial flight arrival times on the iphone flightaware app? last week my flight from austin to denver leaving at 15:26 CST showed a 1 hour duration (it should have been 2 hours) and the arrival time being shown was 15:16pm MST when in fact it was 17:16 CST or 16:16 MST. this morning (11/28/2015) southwest flight #1748 is shown as leaving denver at 9:35am MST and arriving in boston at 17:00 EST, with a flight time of 5 hours, 25 mins. that’s wrong - it arrives in boston at 15:00 EST, or 13:00 MST. is the time zone correction being applied twice, or the wrong direction or something? this is the most recent version of the app available (4.4.2) at this time. this seems to be for active flights only – when i go back and look at previous day’s flights, the arrival times shown are now correct. thanks for any info.

ps maybe it’s not just the iphone app? i’m looking at the full website right now at the same flight. the “scheduled” arrival time says 16:50 EST, while the expected arrival time makes more sense at 14:57 EST. the expected flight time in this case seems right at 3 hours. (this example is SW #1748). is this a problem displaying data while the flight is in the air?