Invalid aircraft type for a photo


Well, I have uploaded some pictures of Lockheed P-2’s and P-3’s, but its saying its an invalid aircraft type when I enter it. I cant save it with any new information either because it is giving me this error. Help?


Looks like it worked.


Are there codes for the Embraer Legacy series of jets or just use ‘E135’ ?


E135 is the code to use.




Sorry for the late reply! It’s still an invalid aircraft type, and therefore I am unable to update any of the information for the photo as it says its invalid. I need to add the registration to this photo(N96264) - … tes/page/1

Is there anyway one of the techies could add “P2” and “P3” as a valid aircraft type? That is the ICAO aircraft code BTW. Thanks much!


T6 also says invalid. I guess FlightAware doesn’t like 2 letter codes?


Thats what im guessing!


The site knows the two letter codes:

This is something photos specific, I’ll pass it on to the photos team.


This is a strange thing, because if I put T6 in right after I upload the photo it works, but when I go to my photo and try to tag it it says INVALID.


Same story here, works on the initial tagging, but once you go back to the photo to add more info to the photo, it won’t update as it says its invalid.


You’d think T6 would be better than SNJ5? :stuck_out_tongue:


Any news from the team Mduell?