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Intermittent lines in tracking

hello, a query I have seen some planes I see the color line but at times the color disappears and instead you see a dotted line and also sometimes do not appear well the data of the aircraft only puts n / a
I hope you can help me to know if it is normal or is that I am doing something wrong

If i see this correctly you are talking about the FlightFeeder, yes?

Send a picture of where you mounted the antenna, often the antenna positioning can be improved.

espero que esta foto le sirva de todas formas quiza pueda elevarla un poco mas ya que sobra cable

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By intermittent lines, you mean like this?

It’s nothing to worry about, it’s where your reception of the signal has been dropped, it may be down to the aircraft being blocked behind obstructions (hills, buildings etc) or message collisions.

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:+1: Thank you for your prompt response and I remain calm (google traductor :crazy_face:)

It looks good and is overlooking everything but the water tank i think.
So in that direction it might be blocking a few aircraft but overall it’s a good location.

You can look here what the best range is you can get (restricted by mountains)
What is the Maximum Range I can Get?

It looks a little tilted, the antenna should be pointing straight up (90 degrees to the horizon).

It looks a bit like the cable is under tension, be careful not to stretch it.
For that height it should carry its own weight though.

Just let it run for a week and then check your stats:

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