Ayuda. Help me


Good afternoon, I have a small problem hopefully and can help me, I currently have the Orange Feeder on the screen Radio signal is almost always in yellow. Something that obviously does not let it track the signs of the aircraft, I live in Merida Venezuela, a city with many mountains around alive at 1255 meters of altitude and the mountains that are next pass the 2000 meters.

My question is what could I do to improve reception? configuring in System Radio to move the frequency. Thank you very much

Buenas tardes, tengo un pequeño problema ojala y me puedan ayudar, actualmente tengo el Feeder Orange en la pantalla la señal de Radio casi siempre se encuentra en amarillo. Cosa que obviamente no deja que rastree las señales de las aeronaves, vivo en Merida Venezuela, una ciudad con muchas montañas alrededor vivo a 1255 metros de altitud y las montañas que estan al lado pasan los 2000 metros.

Mi pregunta es que podría hacer para mejorar la recepción? configurando en System Radio a mover la frecuencia. Muchas gracias


Can you post some photos of you antenna location and so on?


From what can I see on your profile, the Feeder itself has no constant Internet connection. How does it connect to Internet, via cable or via WiFi?


Yes. Sure, look. There is the antenna placed about 7 meters high


There are higher mountains in the distance.



My internet is via wifi. sometimes I connect it via cable


Try removing the filter, you only really need it if you live with a cell phone tower close by or in a “noisy” city centre.

You can also check this post for finding out the max range at your location. Mountains close by do not help.

Do you see planes nearby that do not appear on skyview? Then check the setup, like cable, connectors, try a different antenna, there are some that are easy and cheap to make.

You cannot change frequency.


ok, my concern is, the radio signal always has to be true or can it change to yellow?


On a RPi feeder, green means that the feeder has received data recently, I assume it will be the same on a flight feeder.

Now yellow will probably mean it is not receiving any ADS-B signals. Two possibilties here, either there is nothing to see, i.e. no planes nearby, mountains blocking signals, or something is wrong with your equipment.

Looking what other people have written in a different thread, it seems the first is more likely. However, another feeder nearby seems to receive around 100 planes per day, or something like that IIRC.


Thank you very much friend for answering, if I think it is for the mountains that cover and that also the plans with transponder are few that pass. On the other hand, if airplanes pass the radio signal if it turns green.