interactive call numbers


this is a great site. one suggestion:

is there anyway to make the flight call numbers on the airport traking section interact with the flight tracking feature? so, by either hovering over the call number or by clicking on it, you’ll be provided with the destination/departure information of the flights in the vicinity of the queried airport.

thanks again!


Absolutely. We have the ability to provide hover-info as well as click-to-track in development testing right now. Additionally, there is interest in experimenting with a new form of de-cluttering that allows more or less information to appear next to a flight based on how busy the map is.

For example, if there are only a few flights on the screen, it’d be nice to list the origin/destination in the data block. If it’s pretty full but not packed, perhaps list only the ident.


Perhaps all you need on the map is the flight ID, and then make everything else “hover-info”.

It would also be very useful to be able to click on the flight ID and open the “track any flight” page.