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Installing git?

I’m trying to install “git” on the latest version of the flightaware image installed on a pi 3b+.

sudo apt-get install git

I hit “y” and then get all kinds of errors about files not found… its looking for them on the flightaware mirror. website.

help? :slight_smile:

sudo apt update

does that help?

If it doesn’t, please post the errors.
“all kinds of errors” is insufficient to diagnose :slight_smile:


I swear I did that before and it didn’t help… but I did it again and it was like magic. Thanks!

You can check with arrow up which commands you ran before.

Maybe you didn’t use sudo for the apt update.

Installing the receiver project?

I’m just messing with some stuff. I was installing some different LCD drivers for a small onboard screen. I DID in fact run that command… and then later switched SD cards :slight_smile:

Right now I’m testing with / UAT978…

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