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Info Request: FlightAware ports required to feed from PiAware

Hi all.

I am new to the PiAware community so apologies if this is a basic question, but I cannot find a simple answer anywhere.

I have a RaspberryPi 3B+ running PiAware 3.6.2.
I have tested this running on a hotspot off my phone and it runs great, and successfully connects to FlightAware, however when I change this to running on my companies wifi network the connection to FlightAware is blocked. The logs show “Connection attempt with FlightAware adept server at 70.42.6.***/1200 timed out”

I have worked with my IT department who have confirmed that our firewall will allow me to push UPD traffic over port 1200. This has not resolved the issue.
Can I please confirm what other FlightAware ports I need to access before I can successfully feed?

Thank you.


Try this command:

nc piaware.flightaware.com 1200 -v

The output should be:

pi@pi ~ % nc piaware.flightaware.com 1200 -v
Connection to piaware.flightaware.com 1200 port [tcp/*] succeeded!

You can just kill it with Ctrl-C after a few seconds if there is no output.

piaware needs a TCP connection with destination port 1200.
UDP on port 1200 is not used.

MLAT is done via UDP with changing destination ports:

root@pi ~ # journalctl -u piaware | grep 'UDP transport'
Jul 05 07:38:08 pi piaware[21798]: mlat-client(21874): Using UDP transport to port 7919
Jul 05 07:40:06 pi piaware[22628]: mlat-client(22686): Using UDP transport to port 7964
Jul 05 07:41:29 pi piaware[23239]: mlat-client(23272): Using UDP transport to port 7987
Jul 05 09:51:16 pi piaware[11239]: mlat-client(11335): Using UDP transport to port 7354

Thank you for your help.
The issue was that I had assumed UDP traffic. Allowing TCP traffic on port 1200 resolved my issue.


I’d tell you a joke about UDP.

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Is there a port range for UDP communications used in MLAT? I can see that the example traffic shown above us using ports 7000-8000, but keen to set the firewall rule around the required ports.


@obj: is that information about UDP ports still current?

Yes. (20 characters)

UDP = User Datagram Protocol, a network communications method

UDP = Ulster Democratic Party, in Northern Ireland

UDP = Uridine diphosphate, a nucleotide diphosphate