Indiana Time- FA Not aware?


Just a nudge, FA does not seem to be correctly interperting the time for IND. They are now on EDT (historically they stayed on EST). Time reported on the airport page is 1 hour behind the actual EDT.


While all of Indiana now observes DST, about a quarter of the state is on central time while the rest is on eastern time. (See this map for more details.)
Currently we don’t have a list of which airports are in which county, but we’ll look into finding one so we can get all of Indiana in the correct timezone.


I believe the US is changing how it handles DST nationwide in the next year or two. Anyone have the scoop on that? Presumably FA will have it handled since it’s a bigger issue. When did Indiana change the rules on this? I wonder if Microsoft and others had to do Service Updates for all the time zones to every computer.


The Wikipedia has a fairly complete overview of DST in the US.


i think its a pain in the ass. Plus when you we set our clocks back…wouldnt that just balence out setting them forward with the energy conservation idea?


This is why aviation and other similar things should just follow UTC. Would make things a lot easier.


Aviation operations do use UTC (“Zulu”) exclusively and that’s an option in your account profile.


I could never think in ‘Zulu’ terms. All I know is +6 hrs becomes +5 hrs.


Yeah I’m personally not a fan of Zulu and only have to use it for METAR/TAF; I either file IFR online using local time or if I have to do it on the phone, say “xx minutes after the hour” :slight_smile:


I had to buy a watch with dual time zones on it…


I hope you didn’t get stuck with one of those fake Rolexes that has GMT instead of UTC. :laughing:


You not nice man… :laughing: