Incorrect Time Zones

Does anyone know who to pass this on too? I noticed that the Indiana time zones are incorrect. Most of Indiana is now on Eastern Daylight Savings time instead of Eastern Standard time. However there are several counties around Chicago, Evansville, and Cincinnati that are on Central Daylight Savings time. Confused? So are we :slight_smile:


This was noted by the staff when the time change went into effect (see This Thread). I understand the problem is that since all of IN did not switch to the same time (some went to eastern and some went central) they don’t know which ones to change. I assume at some point the entire database will be updated and the correct timezones will come in.

Also, the counties around Cinci went to eastern.

Following are a couple of web sites that will give you current time zone information for Indiana. One is an official website of the State of Indiana. As noted there, all Indiana counties are now using Daylight Savings Time as of April 2, 2006. Some counties are Central time and the balance are Eastern time. … iana.shtml

“Also, the counties around Cinci went to eastern.”

Sorry, I realized that once I posted it. If it helps…Lake, Porter, Laporte, Newton, Jasper, Pulaski, Starke, Knox, Daviess, Martin, Pike, Gibson, Posey, Vanderburg, Warrick, Dubois, Perry, and Spencer are the counties on Central Daylight Savings.

See this website:


The problem is not so much “which counties went to which timezone” but “what airports are in which county” and can this data be applied to the airport database in a meaningful way without wasting resorces better spent elsewhere. For some of the airports, it is a no brainer- IND is in Marion county thus time should be EST/EDT. However, there are hundreds of airports in Indiana, some larger and some very small. How do you get these w/o an airports by county list. I suspect that a decision was made to leave things as they are, rather than fix some, leave others which would cause even more confusion.