Increasing Flight Alert limit

I have just been poking aroung with the Flight Alerts section to see if any of it is working yet and discovered that the ‘alerts by callsign’ section is now working! :slight_smile: Great!

I’ve been adding a whole bunch of callsigns and IDs that I want alerts for but I’ve just come to add my 11th and it says ‘too many’ ! :open_mouth: :frowning:

I want to add around 30 in total, is there any way it can be increased please? :confused:

Premium and Premium+ accounts are allowed 25 and unlimited flight status alerts, respectively.

Right, thanks for that Mark.

A bit too pricey for me as I’m not interested in the ‘umpteen flights per page’ bit nor the ‘umpteen months of history’ bit either as I’ve got enough of both those as it is.

If you can cut me a deal for just the 15 extra alerts then come back to me.