Incorrect flight path

Recently(June 1st 2016) I traveled on EK433 from Brisbane to Dubai. I often checked the flights progress on the entertainment system, which is pretty accurate for the purpose. Anyway, when I returned to Australia, I checked the FA site to check the flight path to recreate in my flight sim. I noticed though the flight path displayed in FA is very different to the one I flew. When I looked on flight radar 24 history, theirs is pretty spot on for June 1st.

I wondered how you determine the flight path for each flight?


The flight path data is mostly direct ADS-B data from the aircraft itself, with estimation between gaps in coverage. What’s different about the flight path shown vs. what you expect?

Maybe you are looking at the wrong date? The flight departing June 1st local time is this one: … /YBBN/OMDB. They flew somewhat different routes.

(edit: you can follow the “track log and graph” link on each flight page to see the exact positions & datasources used)

Hi obj,
Yes, you were spot on. I stumbled across the date issue when I checked either side of the June 1st departure date and wondered about UTC time. Also, thanks for pointing me at the track log feature. This way I can see which station the plot came from and deduce the flight plan area, as well as the flight plan listed with its way points and airways.

I am into flight sim, and this site is invaluable for flight plans from the real world. Usually when I fly some where, I recreate the flights in the same aircraft. About to fly to Tokyo, then Vancouver, then up to Yellowknife for a few days.

Thanks again.


Is there any way I can include place city names on the map? Some times, FA does not include the flight path routes & way points, and the log is not specific enough for deducing what city, air route or way point


You can change the base layer on the map by clicking the orange box with the + sign on the right side of the map and then selecting a base layer with satellite or street view.
Those base layers usually have all the major cities and some minor cities when zoomed in.

Thanks for that advice David, I can see the cities now, which make things easier. AND, I also see when I change the map base an option for high/low level air routes, which is perfect…If I knew how to view them. When I select them, the map screen goes white with the flight path overlayed.

Ummm, ok, I notice that this feature seems only for the USA and its territories.