Inconsistent Stats

The stats page here seems to display data inconsistently. For example:

Daily median stats for the week is calculated using the day just started, which skews the results downward. It seems to me it ought to calculate median of completed days.

These days start at UTC midnight. However the graphs like hourly received reports are based on local time.

The radial chart seems to indicate last 24 hours, which if it is as indicated, is yet a different most recent 24 hour period.

Hmmm - not sure why I didn’t see this before: “Hourly data is reported in the site’s local time. Daily data is reported in UTC time.” So I guess the radial chart is not really last 24 hours? Selecting another date doesn’t help clarify because no times are indicated.

I guess there are only two things that need correction or clarification, then: what 24-hour period is being used for the radial chart, and median values should not include today. I noticed this last one when my values have been increasing but the median just decreased. The median decreased because what I say should be the median value just dropped off because the week rolling over. That means it’s really a median for the past 6 days until/if today’s values exceed the lowest of the previous 6.

Oh, and rank seems to be instantaneous. However, it’s based upon underlying statistics. Are the underlying statistics local or UTC or other? It’s a 30 day ranking, but what kind of days? If not instantaneous, we should expect ranks to pulsate up/down on a daily rhythm since flights are more common during the day.

In any case, I find this mishmash interesting (this post is not a complaint).