Incomplete Track Log - aborted landing prompts a question.


Sorry if this was answered elsewhere but I could not find it anywhere else in the forums or FAQ. Why do some logs truncate the wheels up and wheels down portion of the flight? I was disappointed that it wasn’t complete for a flight I was on yesterday.

It was more than a little exciting landing at LGA yesterday. Windy and rainy landing that was aborted followed by a steep climb out. Sadly, the log ends somewhere over Manhattan. I can’t tell what his ultimate altitude was nor can I compare the aborted approach with the final approach and landing. Curious. If anyone knows I would be very interested.

Thanks. Track Log below.


The tracklog terminates when we got the arrival message from the FAA (which sometimes do come before actual touchdown). There were a few more positions manuverving at 3000 ft then approaching for the landing.


Typical go-around at LGA is a climb to 2000’ and vectors back to the instrument approach or a visual if the weather and traffic allow. Looks like a left downwind to runway 4 to me!