Incident @ UAL Counter in KCLE

By now, many of you have probably heard the news about an incident this morning @ KCLE… Being local, I thought I’d share the info. that we have here in NE Ohio:
At 10:10 this morning, a man was trying to book a ticket aboard UAL (possibly Skywest?) to ORD. For reasons still unclear, he became agitated and beligerent w/ the ticket agent. Cleveland Airport Police were notified, and responded immediately. As an officer was trying to calm the man down, he grabbed the cop’s gun and shot him twice in the chest. Another officer then shot and killed the man. The officer shot (an 18-year veteran) is in critical condition, but stable at last report. The perpetrator was a 38-year-old homeless man w/ a lengthy criminal record (seen this before?). United, obviously had some delays earlier because of this incident, but all current flights are unaffected by this. Hopefully, the officer shot makes a full recovery. And, on a personal note, I’m glad we have one less urchin crawling around in society, and one less court case for taxpayers to pay for. Sorry if that sounds cold-hearted, but it’s the way I feel. Anybody who knows more about this (or jsut to share your thoughts) is welcome to add info. below. (I’ve been running errands all day and just got home)

All I have to say about this is thank goodness for bulletproof vests.

Spot on.

Believe it or not, the officer was NOT wearing his BP vest, and the bullets hit the left side of his chest, tore his lung, but missed his heart completely. He may be the luckiest man alive today. CPD requires their officers to wear their flack jackets, so there are questions to be answered as to why the officer wasn’t wearing his. I can think of a possible reason: I saw video of the cop being unloaded from the squad at the hospital, and he is, shall I say, quite hefty. I’m guessing that the vest fits pretty snug, or worse.
The good old news media continues to alter the story on us. This morning, they reported that a third person was shot accidentally by police, then that changed to “a bystander was injured, but not shot,” which now has become “a second officer was injured when the man BIT him on the neck while struggling for the first officer’s gun.” Got that? Oh yeah, and now he’s not homeless. He’s from an eastern suburb of Cleveland. :confused:

Homeless or not, his criminal record is as long as my arm, he’s still a piece of $h!t, and I’m glad he’s dead.

i agree its one less criminal out there to mess with people. People tell me stories of when they were a kid and how knowone locked there doors and they didn’t have to worry about people at night. I wish it was like that, but now when i walk my dog i look around to look for anything thats not right. And i live in VERMONT aka COW COUNTRY.

You’d be surprised how uppity some people get, either over baggage or missing a flight (that they were late for), and that’s even working for ZW (grounding handling for UAX) in KTVC. There have been times where I’ve either gotten security, mostly for their safety, or I’ve heard security get called to the counter while I’ve been working.

I worked in retail for 12 years…Nothing surprises me. :wink:

When i was stuck in Dulles, my dad was at BTV(home) to get info on flights for me, and some guy couldn’t get the flight that he wanted because holiday weekend and it was booked for a month or so and the guy showed up looking to get on board. ANYWAYS he got really mad and tossed his bag about 20ft and almost hit a kid about 6 years old. He was taken by police off the aiport grounds.