In the Dark on BA Flights 63 LHR-EBB/Return flight 62


Does anyone know of any better resources that would be available for timely updates on flight cancellations such as this case (other than phoning the airport which I had to do as I have family on both flights)?

  1. Flight aware status on flight 63 is “result unknown” and always seems to be. But the flight landed.
  2. Return flight 62 status on flight aware is “scheduled” even though it should have left hours ago. It is not reported as cancelled even though I found out it is by phoning Entebbe
  3. BA website on flight 63 is “flight landed”, and flight 62 has been “awaiting update” for hours.
  4. Flightstats says flight 62 was scheduled for 10.45 am ET which was 9 hours ago but the flight never departed (so the infromation is wrong/ confusing)
  5. “BA Source” has no report of flight 62 as a cancelled flight, it looks like it is one day behind
  6. Nothing on aviation herald mentions issues with the flight either

Between BA, Entebbe, and all other entities involved in having such data available, who needs to do more? Anyone have any ideas?


Below the map of the flight is this disclaimer:
At least part of this flight occurs outside of FlightAware’s primary service area.