In flight mapping software


Hi, not sure if this is the place to put this.

I’m looking for the mapping software that multiple airlines use now or in the past (late 90’s to 2000s ( BA, KLM, Malaysian) I don’t fly nearly as often anymore. The last flight I took was a BA 380 and they had new software.

I really like the asthetic of the old software and I was wondering if that was available anywhere, purely for nostalgia reasons. Maybe my googling skills aren’t up to speed but I can’t seem to find many images of it.

here’s some … t-map_.jpg … 00x200.jpg but there doesn’t seem to be any details about the software.

I’m sure there’s a lot of people on here that have experience or knowledge with this software. Any information is much appreciated.


they’re called moving maps. just google Moving map then airline’s name. i doubt you’ll be able to get hands on one from airlines since they’re custom built for the airline.


It’s mostly Rockwell Collins Airshow … oving-map/

I expect it would be very hard to get them to even sell you a license.


Thanks, it seems like it was Rockwell Collins’s old one.

I was hoping that whoever owns it would have released it so that it could be one off the maps that you bring up in wikipedia.

Thanks for the information, now I know at least where it came from and who made it.




t’s mostly Rockwell Collins Airshow