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Identifying private flights


Hello everyone,

I’m accessing the /json/FlightXML2/ url using python 3 scripts. To do GETs I’m using the “requests” lib from python.

What I would like to know is if the FlightAware database has the information about which planes are commercial and privates. Furthermore, if the plane is flying at the moment, if it is a commercial or private flight. I’m aiming at private flights tracking but I could not find in the documentation any possible query that would give me this information.

Thanks for the help and attention


In FlightXML 2 the Search endpoint offers a ga (private) or ariline (commercial) filter when making requests.

Otherwise this identifier is readily present in many FlightXML 3 requests like AirportBoards or FlightInfoStatus as the type field.


Thanks for the info. Is FlightXML 3 beta or official? Where can I find its documentation ?

EDIT: Found de documentation of the new API. About the FlightXML 2, I could not find this filter. Could you give me an example? Thanks


In FlightXML3 requests like AirportBoards allow only ga or commercial results to be returned.

Requests that utilize the FlightInfoStatusStruct for the return results, like FlightInfoStatus or AirportBoards contain a type field in the response to indicate if the flight is ga or commercial.