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Identify an aircraft overflying


I have had a personal request to assist in confirming if an aircraft overflew the Coonabarabran, NSW Australia (YCBB) area (say < 50 km radius) at 14:00:01 22 Jan 2020 UTC in an East to West direction.

A unusual trail was detected on an astronomical camera and it could have been an asteroid/Near Earth Object, satellite or aircraft. The researcher wants to eliminate the possibility that it was an aircraft.

I have been unable to work out how to use Historical Data or the Activity Log if you do not know the aircraft ID. I am away from my flight feeder at present.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

I believe that I need to use FlightXML2, however I do not know as an Enterprise member I am entitled to a key and if there is a web base interface to FlightXML2?