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What flight is that?

Hi to all , every day i see the same flight on my adsb radar, more than 3/4 times a day, so i am very curious about, the plane flies all the single day on the same path at the same altitude 6.900 ft , and between 8 kt and 55 kt , for that i suspect is a drone but the plane flies more than 2 hours in a stuck, i ill try during the weekend if the location i have is correct to drive for and whatch whats is going on, in between if someone have more info would be appreciated.
thanks in advanced

It’s probably not a real flight. If you Google the hex code there is at least one online source that lists this as a “Skyguide Reference Transponder” possibly for ATC MLAT system calibration. There are other examples of these beacon transponders in other countries like the USA and New Zealand.

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it make sense Eric, thanks for the answer i was thinking some alliens have spacecrafts equiped with adsb … :slight_smile:

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