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ICAO 201002 - bug?

For the last few days, the Flightfeeder continuously receives messages with ICAO 201002 code without coordinates. It looks like a bug in software.

The italics means that it is a non-ICAO address format.

I’d suggest looking at view1090-fa --no-interactive output to see exactly what the messages are; it’s probably something like a ground station sending test/calibration messages.

(edit: oh, FlightFeeder, one moment…)
(edit2: I don’t see any data from that address currently)

RAW data from Avare ADSB smartphone software:

cat ES.txt|grep 201002

















They are indeed test messages with a non-ICAO address:

CRC: 000000
DF:18 AA:201002 CF:1 ME:B80200002CCF00
 Extended Squitter (Non-Transponder) Test message (23/0) (reliable)
  Other Address: 201002 (ADS-B, other addressing scheme)

skyaware/dump1090-fa appear to be decoding this correctly.

It is probably a ground station used for testing ADS-B infrastructure.

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Will the coordinates of this station be calculated if there are conditions for MLAT?

No, not if it is only transmitting DF18.

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