ICAO 000000

I seem to get a lot of these. They appear and then fade, and then appear again.

It seems for the purposes of flightaware, that they are garbage, thus filtering those wouldn’t hurt anything.

It’s a bug in the map javascript in 3.1.0 (the bit where you get several entries for it)

I was thinking maybe a check in dump1090 for null before processing further.

Well, it already has a test to toss out all-zero messages (which otherwise would look like an ACAS message from ICAO 000000 with a valid CRC), what’s left is slightly more plausible data. I have been meaning to dig into the source of the messages at some point, but at the moment it’s potentially interesting data so I don’t want to just outright throw it away.

Dealt with in in mine, added it to DB and updated flags file with its own flag :slight_smile: