I want to ride a glider

Hey , my life ambition is fly with a glider or an airplane alone seeing all the mountains trees down alone. Im studying aeronautical engineering , im about to finish it by 2013. I like to know how to fly with a glider. Do i need permission to fly with the glider, is there any cost involved in flying.

Uhh - where to begin? You’re in luck though - we have a pretty competent glider pilot around here somewhere. And to answer your last question - if you have to ask, you probably can’t afford it (at least that’s been my experience)…

Yes, as with flying an airplane alone, you’ll need permission - called an “endorsement” (given by a certified flight instructor) - to fly a glider alone. Yes, there is a lot of cost involved in flying.

To fly alone, you’ll need to have at least a certain number of hours of instruction. You’ll have to pay for the instructor’s time as well as renting the airplane/glider.

You do not need any permission to take lessons - just a lot of money.

I am working on my glider rating.

Cost is “club specific” (much cheaper to join a club then buy a glider)

My costs are $1.25 per 100 foot altitude tow.
Normal tow is 2000 feet.
$10 per flight (not per hour but per flight)
Instructor time is $30 per hour
Initial club life time membership $500
Quarterly runway access and maintenance fees about $50 per quarter

Some glider pilots don’t bother with getting the add on rating with the FAA but get signed off for solo flight by their instructor. Based on your post, seems this may fit what you need. If you want or plan to take passengers, just like power planes you have to take a test with the FAA designated examiner. Your writing style makes me think you may not be in the USA and if the case, need to check on your own country’s regulations.

I have not soloed yet, but from what I am told average time to solo is between 10 and 15 flights. I am up to about 18 flights.

If you are interested, couple of threads may interest you.

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