Glider Towing Training

I recently took up tow plane flying. I’m getting checked out to tow for a club in a PA12 160hp. Unfortunately I’m no longer on Mom and Dad’s tab, I’m addicted to an expense hobby and this is the only way I can currently afford to stay in the air.

After an introductory flight to the PA12 with the club CFI I was told it would take me about 10hrs before I would be good to tow on my own. I am paying $45/hr plus instruction for the 10hrs training in the PA12, then I’ll get to tow for the club.

Is this normal procedure for a tow pilot to initially pay for their training before being permitted to tow for the club? Tow pilots for this club don’t get paid. I think this is a good deal for me as I get free airtime on Saturday afternoons but this is the normal deal for low time tow pilots…

Don’t know about the payment part but the right to tow is highly “insurance” driven. My club just broke out from another club. When they were with the other club, the insurance company required 500 PIC hours, 100 hours tailwheel and 25 hours in make and model before one could tow.

Now that they broke out, tailwheel endorsement and and tow endorsement is all that is needed (my club has a pawnee) by the current insurance company. Payment would be based on commercial vs non commercial rating (obviously!)

You don’t need a commercial license to tow, just a tow endorsement . As I understand, the pilot is paid based on tow altitude release. I know I pay 1.25 per 100 feet of altitude.