How-to Install Pro Stick & DVB-T on Windows

On trying to install modesdeco2 get error message saying pthreadvec2.dll is missing but according to the files that I downloaded and unzipped it clearly says it has it within the folder

is there anyone willing to control me with teamviewer are most welcome to try

I have 2 sdr`s 1 is a nooelec R820T sdr & dvb-t nesdr mini and the other is the flightaware pro stick

Just now tried ModeSDeco2 on Windows 8, it gave me error “missing dll”, but another one.

Even if I can install it, I will require a Google Key, which I dont want to obtain.

I have therefore taken another route:

  • For decoder, installed RTL1090 (Decoder Option-3 of first post)
  • To view map, installed Virtual Radar Server (VRS): Download - Virtual Radar Server
  • Configured VRS to display map by getting data from RTL1090 as shown below. By default, RTL1090 outputs data on port 31001 format beast.

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still missing rtlsdr.dll file and cannot get rtl1090 to install. I have got VRS2.4 installed and also zadig

Any specific reason to use Windows 8? It should still be possible to upgrade to 10?

Just decided it is not worth the hassle and I am going to give it up as a bad job. Thank you for all you help but tried everything.

Does anyone like a sdr dongle you can have it with pleasure

STEP 1 of 2:

Download from here:
Download Link:

Web Page:
(Scroll down to bottom of page to find download link)

STEP 2 of 2:

Un-zip . It will create a folder RelWithDebInfo and inside this folder another folder rtl-sdr-release which contains several files and 2 folders named x32 and x64 .

Open folder x32
Copy rtlsdr.dll of folder x32 into RTL1090 folder.

rtl scan win-2A

Twice tried. Perpetual reboots and BOD (blue screen of death)

Seems Win10 and my hardware dont like each other.


Got everything downloaded ok but now getting application error (0xc000007b)

Seems something wrong with your Windows.

Ok you are now left with “Decoder Option-1: dump1090 (MR) for windows”. Try this option. This option has a map also, but maps needs Google key, so dont use its map. Use only its decoder.

For map use VRS which you have already installed. Its setting will be same as that for RTL1090 (Screenshot 3 of 5) but port number should be 30005 instead of 31001.

That`s I have tried for the last 2 days to get my NooElec R820T SDR & DVB-T NESDR Mini dongle to work but it no use I am giving it up as a bad job

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Did you by any chance install TV drivers first?

I’ve never managed to get Zadig and DVB-T drivers to coexist.
(haven’t tried for quite a while and never tried with Win10)

I have another sdr it is the flightaware pro stick.

Driver may be a source of problem, specially on Windows 10.

Go to OPTION-2: ( Dongle plugged into Windows Computer.) of following thread.

How To Test If Your DVB-T / Pro Stick / RTL SDR Dongle Is OK

As you have already installed Zadig, skip Step-1 and perform Step 2 & 3 only. This test will check 2 things:

  • driver
  • dongle


I ran Run_Decoder.bat and I’m getting a error saying MSVCP140.dll and VCRUNTIME1400.dll was not found. How do I fix this, thanks, Jeff.


Install Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015

Download from here:

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I think FlightAware is using this discussion as installation instructions. How lazy or nontechnical can they be.

Flightaware do NOT support feed to their servers from Windows computer, and naturally wont provide any technical support for it. Therefore support for custom setups has to come from forum members.