How to download a flight track

Is it possible to download the track data for a flight? I’m trying to coordinate images taken from the air with their locations using the image time and the time along the track and would like to automate the process. So, is there any way to get the track data, either in some standard text or GPS format? Thanks,


Tracks are available in Google Earth (KML) format from a link on the flight details page once it has landed.

I am new here, and I didn’t find how to do that.
I had a flight a few days ago, and I made some pictures from the plane, so I would like to know where I took the pictures.
How can I download the flight track ?


On the flight’s page is a Google Earth button.

(You do have Google Earth, right?)

Hit it and download the .kml file and open it in Google Earth.

The flight route will be displayed on the map. On the top of the page will be a slider that you can slide to the time you took your picture. The “pin” will move to the point on the map that corresponds to the time.

I know live tracking is delayed by a few minutes (it shows on approach when actually landed). Is the time data in the KML file correctly time-synched? It might matter if one is matching a photo to the flight path.

I installed the GoogleEarth Web Plugins and I now can see the button.
Thank you for your help !


The timestamp are synced to the time that a source received the position. Each position accuracy is totally based on the accuracy of the source’s internal clock. In most cases the source’s internal clock is accurate to the closest second to UTC time.

If you really want to know to the closest second where the plane was you can sync your clocks with a time server.
Here is one such time server

To the second accuracy is more than most people need but your time will match with ours and all the other stratum clocks.

More information about how thousands of computers are all synced to the second.