How things have changed


I was watching “Commando” the other day on TV and there’s a sequence where Arnie is put aboard an airplane which he escapes from via the front landing gear.

Well, this movie was released in 1985 and as I watched the background of this particular sequence, I was looking at the aircraft in the background.

Of all the airlines they showed on film, every single one no longer exists, and a majority of the aircraft shown are no longer in use by major carriers in the US:

TWA (L-1011) (background)
Arnie boarded a Western Airlines DC-10 which he escapes from
Also shown in the background:
Eastern Airlines L-1011

IMDB says the airports were LAX and Long Beach.

Weird how things change in 20 years, eh?

(Oh, and Arnold Schwarzeneggar is now the re-elected leader of California, which if it were a country, would be the 7th largest by GDP in the world.)

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Benjamin Disraeli
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
In office
February 20, 1874 April 21, 1880

Change is inevitable. Change is constant