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How lost can MH370 be ?

Can someone tell why a THE “TRACK LOG” show this aircraft by (VHSK) at 249 PM in the log , scroll down you will see, in this location which I think is EST but off Hong Kong

flightaware.com/live/flight/MAS3 … A/tracklog

*** Sorry people the date is wrong on this link , it should be March 8.** I am trying to figure this out like everyone else.

FA uses official data except where it says “estimated”. Until thy receive an official arrival report the estimates will continue as long as they remain reasonable.
At least that is my take on what happens. As far as the flight itself… Who knows at this point.

Whoever was at the controls at wheels up plus 21 minutes turned off the transponder. Beyond then anyone’s guess.

Last contact point is just south of Kenyir Lake.

Here is the track log for the missing flight.

flightaware.com/live/flight/MAS3 … A/tracklog

IMO I think that the days are on account of the date line.

Rgds IGN

Can something tell me why radar of hong kong detect this of the MH370?

08:49PM 22.3598 114.0461 24° Noreste 511 946 39.100 Level FlightAware ADS-B (VHSK)
08:49PM 22.4569 114.0922 24° Noreste 511 946 39.100 Level FlightAware ADS-B (VHSK)
08:50PM 22.5624 114.1128 24° Noreste 511 946 39.100 Level FlightAware ADS-B (VHSK)
08:51PM 22.6397 114.0839 24° Noreste 511 946 39.100 Level FlightAware ADS-B (VHSK)


Last Pings from Flight MH370/MAS370
Flight Track Log :airplane: 9M-MRO :airplane: 08/03/2014 :airplane: WMKK / KUL - ZBAA / PEK

The last pings from the Flight Aware ADSB (WMKP / PEN) from:

flightaware.com/live/flight/9MMR … A/tracklog

Dated : Saturday, 8 March 2014

03:55 3.9968 102.1926 25° Northeast
03:56 4.0740 102.2289 25° Northeast
03:57 4.1430 102.2615 25° Northeast
03:57 4.2042 102.2904 25° Northeast
04:01 4.7015 102.5251 25° Northeast
04:02 4.7073 102.5278 25° Northeast

Aricraft: Boeing 777-200 (twin-jet)
Registration : 9MMRO

Why are they looking in the ocean and not this area first?

4°12’15.1"N 102°17’25.4"E

maps.google.com.au/maps?q=4%C2% … CAgQ_AUoAQ

It could be because it is for flight MH370 but the plane registration is different. Perhaps 9M-MRQ or 9M-MRE.

This data also turns up missing like this on the 7th, 9th, 10th, 12th and 13th flights.

There is a recurring loss of ADSB data between Hong Kong to Beijing for some reason.

flightaware.com/live/flight/MAS3 … /WMKK/ZBAA

This flight number was probably used for multiple planes until MAS decided to cancel the number out of respect.

This is the flight in question :
flightaware.com/live/flight/9MMR … A/tracklog

Hope this helps.

What I find interesting is all the satellite data that over the past couple weeks from a few different countries has yield no wreckage. Understanding tides play a factor, understanding weather has been a factor, the claims being that an area has been identified as “The spot” have given up nothing. Yesterday, 2 different ships “Hear a ping consistent with a black box”. Today, silence. I am wondering how all this technology has found NOTHING, the “Experts” have given nothing (yet CNN puts them on daily). The bottom line, this plane is gone.

Rule #1. Don’t listen to the 24 hour cable news channel cycle.

Rule #2. First learn Rule #1.

NPR actually ran a very good article this morning, sticking to what we know, brought in some verifiable experts, and pretty much told it like it is and based on info that we have available: without sensationalism, and without spin.

npr.org/2014/04/08/300477917 … -went-down

npr.org/blogs/thetwo-way/201 … appens-now

That should be pretty much all we know.



At IGARI pilots were required to log in with Ho Chi Minh (“HCM”) Air Traffic Service by entering the code VVTS through their CPLDC. The Boeing 9M-MRO was equipped with ADS-C, not ADS-B aqnd if you understand the difference you may then realise why it is not as simple as just switching off.

When they logged in with HCM this it logged them off with Lumpur Control and would have the same appearance as switching off their Transponder, but I do not accept they switched it off.

On FR24 there is a track playback which shows ADS-C feed after 17:21 UTC which implies they continued to give a feed through SITA to Vietnam until they reached BITOD.

What is interesting to me about the feed to SITA after 17:21 UTC is that it was devoid of altitude data.

Is that purely because once logged out with Lumpur the data was not being received or was that indicative of a partial electrical failure before all the data feed stopped?

Bert being new to flightaware I am not familiar with the time display protocols. Can you clatify please what times these were in UTC for me?

I could give you a suggestion that they actually represent when it flew west over Indonesia, but because the ADS-C was not logged in with the four letter code for Indonesia instead the fuzzy logic interpreted where it would be from the expected flight path noted in the Flight Plan.

It would be really helpful if we had the time in UTC or time elapsed post take off (16:41 UTC).