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How hot?

How hot can the pro stick and prostick plus get without having an issue? Mine runs hot and u know that the raspberry pi is fine under these conditions, but I’m wonder about this one? Sorry I’m a person who likes to.make sure everything is working properly so I am just curious.

Same situation here: My old jetvision dongle was never warm, the prostick plus is now warm (not hot), but in this corner is little air circulation.
But I had two rb-heatsincs lying around, I fixed them on the ADSB-Stick, and it’s much better.

My first dongle, an orange, smelt of burnt electronics from the moment I plugged it in.
Had I given up then, I would have saved a lot of money and found something else as a “hobby”.

I’ve wondered about running it naked. The enclosure is just for dress.

Correction: The heat came not from my Pro Stick Plus, but from the Mini-SSD in a USB-case beside it. A heatsink for SSD solved this problem.
The blue dongle doesn’t heat here.