FLIR images - RPi 2 and Pro Stick

I have a FLIR infrared camera that I borrowed to check the insulation in my house and decided to look at the ADSB setup.

This first image is the whole setup. RPi2 with no top case or heatsinks, Edimax WiFi in the center and the FA ProStick(orange) with no case.

This pic is one of the two chips on the RPi. Both chips measured the same temperature. The RPi was reporting a core temp of 110 F.

Now the shocker. The two ProStick chips.

Here is the backside of the ProStick

Here is the RPi a few hours after installing the heat sinks that came with the kit.
The core temp did not go down at all. In fact, if I put the plastic case back on it goes up 5 degrees. The case did not make it hotter before.
Ambient temp was 80F and humidity was 70% at the time of the testing.

The little dip at 14:40 is when I applied the heat sinks. 16:50-17:30 is with the cover on the RPi.


Tantalizing experiment with interesting resultant graphic outcomes.

great endeavor; cheers.


Applying heatsinks to the Pi and no temp drop.
That is very odd.
Maybe it is better to have a fan attached to the Pi plastic case, rather than only heatsinks.

Applying heatsinks to the Pi and no temp drop.
That is very odd.
Maybe it is better to have a fan attached to the Pi plastic case, rather than only heatsinks.

I had the same problem. My RPI would overheat and throttle back the CPU. A fan made it stable.

Looking at it today, over a period of about 6 hours last night the reported temp dropped 5 deg F to 105, but the cover is still off. And that is still a very low temp. Heat sinks may make a larger difference if the core gets up to much higher temps.

I am planning to mount the whole setup in a white PVC pipe on my tower and will be prepared to add a small ventilation fan if needed. Especially for summer in south Louisiana. I had to turn my house A/C on last night.

how can i find out if my pi is overheating?

it looks like my pi was runing @ ~62°C (144°F) for a few days in the summer?!

is there a benefit if the stick runs cooler? okay it may last longer but any other?

I use the metal cases from on my pro sticks.
Partly for heat sink capacity and partly for noise isolation.
They only cost about $US6.

I received alerts on my FlightAware home page when my devices go too hot.

That’s right, rub it in :wink:

Yeah, I have seen those and was thinking about getting some. Does it make contact with those chips?

There are thermal pads that contact the chips.

They cost $1.95 right now and apparently won’t be restocked when they are sold out.

The Pi3 starts to throttle the CPU at around 82°. so 62° is well below the maximum temperature.

I had problems with that in the past, using a Pi as a video player at room temperature, and added a small heatsink which solved the issue.

Thanks for the heads-up. I just ordered a few.

After running for a week with the heatsinks added, it “seems” to be running about 5 deg F cooler.

Ambient yesterday was about 70 deg F and raining. The heatsink reads 74 deg F but the CPU records 105-110 F. The board around the CPU in red is 95 F.

@zeek70706 and biekerc,
My 2 metal cases arrived yesterday.

It looks like they still have some in stock for $1.95 each.

Zeek - how were the heatsinks attached to the pi? thermal double sided tape? I have read elsewhere that the supposed “thermal conductive” double sided tape supplied with some heatsink kits is a better insulator than conductor of heat.

I have also seen several reports like this.
Either buy quality tape or buy the heatsinks from a quality vendor.
Maybe a quality paste would be a better idea.

I had to add a fan(Built into a case worked the best) to my setup for it to work well in the summer in the attic.
I would get overheat messages from FA without it.

I used the peel and stick heatsinks that came with the Pi from CanaKit.

I have some PC thermal paste somewhere. I may do some experiments if I find it.