How far back does flight history go?


Was flight VS10 operating with A330-300 equipment in 2005? I flew JFK-LHR in October of that year, but don’t remember the aircraft type? Thanks!


4 months of flight history for registered users. A few additional months provided for premium account users. If you need something that far back, you would need to contact our team for custom reports.


Or you can use ACARS archives.
G-VFAR (A343 VS) 1218 20060102 VS0010 (JFK-LHR)
Soooo, back in 2006 they were using A340s :wink:

You can look for other dates here:

And after doing some more digging I found out:
G-VFLY (A340 VIR) 1123 20031213 VS0010 (NY/JFK-London/LHR), which is 13 december 2003 :wink: